Saturday, September 5, 2015


“Psycho-terrorism” word aptly used to the illegal recovery methods, adopted by the Financial Institutions. Though the RBI, BCSBI, and IBA are issuing guidelines, none of the Financial Institutions are following these guidelines. Large number of specific reports are available through out the country in the Media &Press, apart from our representation to the Government and RBI. Even though the BCSBI has issued Code of Conduct for the recovery of dues and repossession of securities. The Financial Institutions hardly follow the Codes and guidelines. As an Association we cannot go on filing cases against each and every wrong. Then we have to file at least 100 cases a day. As a Voluntary Association, it is impossible. We have come across Financial Institutions spending huge money towards legal expenses by using the public money by making appeals after appeals against the customers. The guidelines are there only on paper and the Financial Institutions undertaking to follow the guidelines in writing but in practice they are thrown to the winds. As we failed to get response from the controlling authorities, as a final step, we have asked all our members to apply “Newton’s 3rd Law” i.e. For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. There is no need to explain the method used by the Financial Institutions. It is in the interest of all, firm action needs to be taken against the erring Financial Institutions. Otherwise, there will be only street fights. Writer : K.P.Satish kumar M.L. Advocate & Legal Consultant For all your complaints call 24 hrs Helpline:- 9962999008.

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